DITCh Plastic is a UKRI/GCRF funded multisectoral, international and interdisciplinary project aimed at utilizing digital innovations to accelerate the transition to a circular plastic economy (CPE) in Africa.


Identify and assess digital solutions & innovations that can support the transition to a CPE.

Our Aims & Objectives

The proposal aims to characterise, cluster, synergise and optimise Digital Innovations that would support and accelerate a transition to a Circular Plastic Economy in Africa


Characterize technical, political, gender, socio-economic and cultural factors that can impact the transition to a CPE.


Identify policy, research questions and capacity building opportunities for promoting digital tools and innovations


Promote digital tools and innovations for a CPE.

Our Partners

The project is bringing together a multi-sectoral team of academic experts, innovation and technology firms and third sector organisations

What Our Partners Say

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